Windows Server 2016的最低系统要求


本主题介绍运行 Windows Server® 2016 或 Windows Server 版本 1709 的最低系统要求。This topic addresses the minimum system requirements to run Windows Server® 2016 or Windows Server, version 1709.

在此版本中,推荐干净安装。In this release, clean installations are recommended.
如果安装时选择通过“服务器核心”选项进行安装,则应注意,没有安装任何 GUI 组件,并且将不能使用服务器管理器安装或卸载它们。If at the time of installation, you choose to install with the Server Core option, you should be aware that no GUI components are installed at all and you will not be able to install or uninstall them with Server Manager. 如果需要 GUI 功能,请务必在安装 Windows Server 2016 时,选择“带桌面体验的服务器”选项。If you need GUI features, be sure to choose the "Server with Desktop Experience" option when you install Windows Server 2016. 有关详细信息,请参阅安装 Nano ServerFor more information, see Install Nano Server

查看操作系统要求Review system requirements

以下是 Windows Server 2016 预计的系统要求。The following are estimated system requirements Windows Server 2016. 如果计算机未满足“最低”要求,将无法正确安装本产品。If your computer has less than the "minimum" requirements, you will not be able to install this product correctly. 实际要求将因系统配置和所安装应用程序及功能而异。Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration and the applications and features you install.
除非另有指定,否则最低系统要求适用于所有安装选项(服务器核心、带桌面体验的服务器和 Nano Server)以及标准版和数据中心版。Unless otherwise specified, these minimum system requirements apply to all installation options (Server Core, Server with Desktop Experience, and Nano Server) and both Standard and Datacenter editions.

因为可能的部署方案多种多样,所以确定“推荐的”系统要求有些不切实际,只是大体适用而已。The highly diverse scope of potential deployments makes it unrealistic to state "recommended" system requirements that would be generally applicable. 请针对要部署的每个服务器角色查阅相关文档,以便获得特定服务器角色的资源需求的更多详细信息。Consult documentation for each of the server roles you intend to deploy for more details about the resource needs of particular server roles. 要获得最佳结果,请安排测试部署来确定特定部署方案的相应系统要求。For the best results, conduct test deployments to determine appropriate system requirements for your particular deployment scenarios.


处理器性能不仅取决于处理器的时钟频率,还取决于处理器内核数以及处理器缓存大小。Processor performance depends not only on the clock frequency of the processor, but also on the number of processor cores and the size of the processor cache. 以下是本产品对处理器的要求:The following are the processor requirements for this product:

  • 1.4 GHz 64 位处理器1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
  • 与 x64 指令集兼容Compatible with x64 instruction set
  • 支持 NX 和 DEPSupports NX and DEP
  • 支持 CMPXCHG16b、LAHF/SAHF 和 PrefetchWSupports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, and PrefetchW
  • 支持二级地址转换(EPT 或 NPT)Supports Second Level Address Translation (EPT or NPT)

Coreinfo 是可用于确认 CPU 具有这些功能中的哪种功能的工具。Coreinfo is a tool you can use to confirm which of these capabilities your CPU has.


以下是本产品对 RAM 的预计要求:The following are the estimated RAM requirements for this product:

  • 512 MB(对于带桌面体验的服务器安装选项为 2 GB)512 MB (2 GB for Server with Desktop Experience installation option)
  • ECC(纠错代码)类型或类似技术ECC (Error Correcting Code) type or similar technology
如果你要使用支持的最低硬件参数(1 个处理器核心,512 MB RAM)创建一个虚拟机,然后尝试在该虚拟机上安装此版本,则安装将会失败。If you create a virtual machine with the minimum supported hardware parameters (1 processor core and 512 MB RAM) and then attempt to install this release on the virtual machine, Setup will fail.
为了避免这个问题,请执行下列操作之一:To avoid this, do one of the following:

  • 向要在其上安装此版本的虚拟机分配 800 MB 以上的 RAM。Allocate more than 800 MB RAM to the virtual machine you intend to install this release on. 在完成安装后,可以根据实际服务器配置更改 RAM 分配,最少分配量可为 512 MB。Once Setup has completed, you can change the allocation to as little as 512 MB RAM, depending on the actual server configuration.
  • 使用 SHIFT+F10 中断此版本在虚拟机上的引导进程。Interrupt the boot process of this release on the virtual machine with SHIFT+F10. 在打开的命令提示符下,使用 Diskpart.exe 创建并格式化一个安装分区。In the command prompt that opens, use Diskpart.exe to create and format an installation partition. 运行 Wpeutil createpagefile /path=C:\pf.sys (假设创建的安装分区为 C:)。Run Wpeutil createpagefile /path=C:\pf.sys (assuming the installation partition you created was C:). 关闭命令提示符并继续安装。Close the command prompt and proceed with Setup.

存储控制器和磁盘空间要求Storage controller and disk space requirements

运行 Windows Server 2016 的计算机必须包括符合 PCI Express 体系结构规范的存储适配器。Computers that run Windows Server 2016 must include a storage adapter that is compliant with the PCI Express architecture specification. 服务器上归类为硬盘驱动器的永久存储设备不能为 PATA。Persistent storage devices on servers classified as hard disk drives must not be PATA. Windows Server 2016 不允许将 ATA/PATA/IDE/EIDE 用于启动驱动器、页面驱动器或数据驱动器。Windows Server 2016 does not allow ATA/PATA/IDE/EIDE for boot, page, or data drives.
以下是系统分区对磁盘空间的预计 最低 要求。The following are the estimated minimum disk space requirements for the system partition.
最低:32 GBMinimum: 32 GB

请注意,32 GB 应视为确保成功安装的绝对最低值。Be aware that 32 GB should be considered an absolute minimum value for successful installation. 满足此最低值应该能够以“服务器核心”模式安装包含 Web 服务 (IIS) 服务器角色的 Windows Server 2016。This minimum should allow you to install Windows Server 2016 in Server Core mode, with the Web Services (IIS) server role. “服务器核心”模式中的服务器比带有 GUI 模式的服务器中的相同服务器大约 4 GB。A server in Server Core mode is about 4 GB smaller than the same server in Server with a GUI mode.
系统分区在以下任何情形中将需要额外空间:The system partition will need extra space for any of the following circumstances:

  • 如果通过网络安装系统。If you install the system over a network.
  • RAM 超过 16 GB 的计算机还需要为页面文件、休眠文件和转储文件分配额外磁盘空间。Computers with more than 16 GB of RAM will require more disk space for paging, hibernation, and dump files.

网络适配器要求Network adapter requirements

与此版本一起使用的网络适配器应包含以下特征:Network adapters used with this release should include these features:

  • 至少有千兆位吞吐量的以太网适配器。An Ethernet adapter capable of at least gigabit throughput
  • 符合 PCI Express 体系结构规范。Compliant with the PCI Express architecture specification.
  • 支持预启动执行环境 (PXE)。Supports Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE).

支持网络调试 (KDNet) 的网络适配器很有用,但不是最低要求。A network adapter that supports network debugging (KDNet) is useful, but not a minimum requirement.

其他要求Other requirements

运行此版本的计算机还必须具有:Computers running this release also must have the following:

  • DVD 驱动器(如果要从 DVD 媒体安装操作系统)DVD drive (if you intend to install the operating system from DVD media)

以下并不是严格需要的,但某些特定功能需要:The following items are not strictly required, but are necessary for certain features:

  • 基于 UEFI 2.3.1c 的系统和支持安全启动的固件UEFI 2.3.1c-based system and firmware that supports secure boot
  • 受信任的平台模块Trusted Platform Module
  • 支持超级 VGA (1024 x 768) 或更高分辨率的图形设备和监视器Graphics device and monitor capable of Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution
  • 键盘和 Microsoft® 鼠标(或其他兼容的指针设备)Keyboard and Microsoft® mouse (or other compatible pointing device)
  • Internet 访问(可能需要付费)Internet access (fees may apply)
尽管必须安装受信任的平台模块 (TPM) 芯片才能使用某些功能(如 BitLocker 驱动器加密),但它不是安装此版本的硬性要求。A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip is not strictly required to install this release, though it is necessary in order to use certain features such as BitLocker Drive Encryption. 如果你的计算机使用 TPM,则它必须满足以下要求:If your computer uses TPM, it must meet these requirements:

  • 基于硬件的 TPM 必须实现的 TPM 规范的版本 2.0。Hardware-based TPMs must implement version 2.0 of the TPM specification.
  • 实现 2.0 版的 TPM 必须具有符合以下条件之一的 EK 证书:>由硬件供应商预配到 TPM 或 >在首次启动期间能够由设备进行检索。TPMs that implement version 2.0 must have an EK certificate that is >either pre-provisioned to the TPM by the hardware vendor or be capable of >being retrieved by the device during the first boot.
  • 实现 2.0 版的 TPM 必须随附有 SHA 256 PCR 库并且 >对 SHA 256 实施 PCR 0 到 23。TPMs that implement version 2.0 must ship with SHA-256 PCR banks and >implement PCRs 0 through 23 for SHA-256. 可以接受将 TPM >随附可用于 SHA-1 和 >SHA-256 度量值的单个可切换 PCR 库。It is acceptable to ship TPMs >with a single switchable PCR bank that can be used for both SHA-1 and >SHA-256 measurements.
  • 不要求用于关闭 TPM 的 UEFI 选项。A UEFI option to turn off the TPM is not a requirement.

Nano Server 安装Installation of Nano Server