WooPress 6.1 – Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme

WooPress – is a professional, sleek and powerful WordPress WooCommerce template that provides an elegant solution for those who are going to sell products online. If you want to create an online store which has both, great design and lots of features – choose WooPress theme. The design is beautiful and adaptive, it means all the page layouts work perfectly on all devices, from large monitors to smartphone’s.


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WooPress WordPress Theme Changelog

  • ADDED: Version Compatibility with WooPress Core Plugin
  • FIXED: Portfolio page with SitePress and Loco translate
  • FIXED: Placeholder image for product on shop page
  • FIXED: Autoupdate option (WooPress Core)
  • FIXED: et_top_cart, et_menu shortcodes, static block and etheme_products shortcodes without WPBakery plugin (WooPress Core)
  • ADDED: WooCommerce 3.7.0 compatibility
  • ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress 5.2.2
  • ADDED: Envato theme check compatibility
  • ADDED: Royal Admin panel
  • ADDED: Theme options to WP customizer
  • ADDED: et-cat GET param for auto sort portfolio while loading the page
  • ADDED: Enable masonry option for Blog Layouts (grid, mosaic)
  • IMPROVED: Migration of the Option-Tree to Redux Options
  • IMPROVED: Migration of the Option-Tree to CMB2
  • IMPROVED: Added sort order/orderby options for the 8theme product categories
  • FIXED: Content jumps when slider is set in page settings // 23.07.2019
  • FIXED: Header overlap with header type 17
  • FIXED: Header type 13, 14 for custom page
  • FIXED: Variation product select when “Just catalog” option is on
  • FIXED: Display of the portfolio single category
  • FIXED: WooCommerce classes for the product on the single product page
  • FIXED: Hidden sidebar for pages that do not inherit shop layout
  • FIXED: The privacy policy option save
  • FIXED: Category editor
  • FIXED: SKU on variable single product page
  • FIXED: Images import
  • FIXED: Single product tabs issue
  • FIXED: Footer 1 Padding for (1, 3 footer types)
  • FIXED: Testimonials WPBakery element (slider interval)
  • FIXED: Grid/list switcher
  • FIXED: Banner shortcode/ WPBakery element if height is not set
  • FIXED: Alt/title/description attribute for logo/fixed logo
  • FIXED: Minor CSS fixes
  • REMOVED: woocommerce/checkout/thankyou.php
  • REMOVED: Show order number option
  • REMOVED: et_get_versions_option();
  • REMOVED: isValidEmail();
  • REMOVED: et_show_promo_text();
  • REMOVED: et_get_versions_option();
  • REMOVED: framework/inc/envato_setup/envato-setup-export.php
  • REMOVED: woocommerce/single-product/short-description.php
  • REMOVED: framework/shortcodes.php
  • REMOVED: option-tree/ – folder


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WooPress 6.1 – Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme
WooPress 6.1 – Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme


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