Rey 1.9.7 – Multi-purpose & WooCommerce theme for WordPress

Rey WordPress Theme is probably one of the most unique items on the WooCommerce market, being fit for Furniture stores, Fashion/Clothing & Apparel stores, Artists or Painters store, and many others


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Rey WordPress Theme Features

  • Font Preloader
    A single source of truth for your Google and Adobe fonts, avoiding performance hiccups.
  • Modularity
    Load and unload various built-in functionalities with ease. The general principle – only load what’s in use.
  • Developer friendly
    Love coding? Awesome, so do i! Easily extend functionalities with hooks and built-in features.
  • Built for the future
    Because we need to work and think ahead.
  • SEO friendly
    Clean markup following web standards.
  • Built-in SVG support
    Insert those lovely crisp and colored vector images.
  • Header Builder.
    Build headers easy, with or without the need of columns, inline using Flexbox powers.
  • Footer Builder.
    Fill your footer with any widget you want, to show off content in the entire website.
  • Page Covers Builder.
    Decorate any page’s intro part with delightful typography and imagry.
  • Mega Menu Panel Builder.
    Display complex navigations with ease, accompanying menus with images and other widgets.
  • In-between areas.
    Append page builder content everywhere in the page, either in or outside the main container, before or after them.
  • Entrance animations
    Smooth page load & scroll entrance animations to impress your visitors. See example.
  • Unique Cover Elements
    Hand-coded slideshows to make your website unique and out of the ordinary.
  • Multi-rows Section
    Elementor’s missing feature is a built-in Rey feature. Display section’s columns as rows, avoiding redundant markup , yet adding flexibility.
  • Modals
    Add page builder content in modals, in page or everywhere in your website.
  • Tabs
    Insert page builder content in flexible multi-tabs display.
  • Elements variety
    There are tons of elements (Elementor widgets) that should cover almost any generic site needs.
  • Product Grid Layouts
    Customize the products grid with various layouts that fit your content. Awesome layouts coming soon!
  • Gallery Layouts
    Using a single image? Ok! Using multiple images? Awesome! Product galleries for any situation.
  • Ajax Search
    Smooth instant search for products.
  • Ajax Filters
    Browse products without reloading page.
  • Product Page Layouts
    Spoil your product’s pages with flexibility and ability for adding custom content.
  • QuickView
    Take a peek at the product’ info, without leaving the shop catalogue.
  • Product Variations
    Product listing & product page ready for product’ variations and custom attributes.
  • Ajax Navigation
    Built in Rey you’ll be able to choose either paged navigation, load more (infinite loading) or load more on scroll (infinite loading)


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Rey 1.9.7 – Multi-purpose & WooCommerce theme for WordPress
Rey 1.9.7 – Multi-purpose & WooCommerce theme for WordPress


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