Ketocist 1.2.42 – Keto Diet WordPress Theme

Ketocist is integrated with Keto Calculator to measure user’s nutritional needs on a ketogenic diet. It helps users achieve their goal of healing, weight loss, performance and more. Users can enter their information in either Metric or US Customary units and calculate results in tabular as well as graphical form.


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Ketocist WordPress Theme Features

  • Live Front-End Page Builder
    It gives you the best real-time design experience. Our pro page builder displays an exact preview of content while you edit on-screen elements.
  • 252 Ready to Use Page Templates
    These section templates are easy to customize to let you start creating an amazing page that represents you and your story.
  • Super Flexible Footer Builder
    The custom footer builder gives you the flexibility to customize the layout and widgets. The only limit is your creativity!
  • Beautiful Image Slider Animation
    Capture the attention of visitors by optimizing the prime real estate above the fold of your site to grab your visitor’s first attention.
  • Bloat Free WordPress Theme
    You don’t need tons of pointless features for your project. Bloated WordPress themes are harmful to your business.
  • Dedicated One-Click Support
    Reach our dedicated support team and access the knowledge base in just one-click without leaving your WordPress dashboard.
  • Intuitive WP Customizer Options
    Tons of theme options only get you a headache. Ketocist is so simple you can customize your site in just seconds.
  • Enhanced Mobile experience
    Ketocist highly optimized for smaller screens so that the total page load time is dramatically reduced and ensure a smooth mobile experience for your visitor.
  • Design System in mind
    Ketocist is crafted with Design System principles to ensure your WordPress site is scalable without visual clutter.


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Ketocist 1.2.42 – Keto Diet WordPress Theme
Ketocist 1.2.42 – Keto Diet WordPress Theme


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