New firmware v.0.4.0 for Ugoos AM6 & Cube X2/X3 models


Changes announce incoming v.0.4.0 for UGOOS AM6 & Cube X2/X3 models

  1. Added screenshot mode setting for video (experimental)
  2. Added experimental video codec fixes as option (playback settings):
    – improved work of Steam Link video streams with hardware encoding on AMD GPUs
    – fixed reboots when rewinding or switching IPTV channels frequently
  3. Added deinterlacing method setting (playback settings). May be useful for fixing color jerking problem on IPTV sports channels
  4. Fixed rotation of 4k video
  5. Some improves of system automatic frame rate function
  6. Removed auto best dolby vision setting. Added new descriptions
  7. The volume is now automatically set to maximum when enable CEC volume control
  8. Improves of CEC volume control
  9. Added PCM channels volume level setting
  10. Improved audio passthrough support for TVs
  11. Improved fix of return of hdmi sound parameters after listening to multi-channel PCM audio
  12. Fixed resetting of setting “pass-through sound for hardware audio decoder” with HDMI hotplug event
  13. Reworked USB audio settings. Now can choose sound and microphone device
  14. Added Voice input application setting
  15. Added USB 3.0 port speed setting
  16. Added USB accessory mode support
  17. Added experimental option to fix false double taps (input devices settings)
  18. Added setting for allowing swipes for showing system bars
  19. Added volume bar settings (position and color)
  20. Added HDMI audio mode message window
  21. Added display mode and sound change message window settings
  22. Now display mode and sound change message window can be called by double pressing of Menu button
  23. Display mode and sound change message window disabled by default
  24. Reworked hardware monitor settings
  25. Improved some hardware monitor functions
  26. Added ability show hardware monitor as window (can be hidden/shown by triple pressing of Menu button)
  27. Added settings for hardware monitor window
  28. Added new functions to hardware monitor:
    – HDR mode
    – HDMI audio mode
    – uptime
  29. Removed Fireasy support
  30. Enabled Ugoos Remote Server by default
  31. Ugoos Remote Server changes:
    – added hardware information menu support
    – added QR-code to download client
    – added ability to enable/disable
    – fixed some connection problems
  32. Removed not brand IR power up keycodes
  33. Updated Magisk
  34. Some other system changes

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