Amlogic S805X2, S905X4, and S908X AV1 Full HD/4K/8K Media Processors to Launch in 2020


AOMedia AV1 open, royalty-free video codec has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2016, and we’ve recently seen AV1 hardware video decoding integrated into higher-end STB SoCs such as Broadcom BCM7218X or Realtek RTD1311/RTD1319 processors.

But AV1 codec is also coming to lower-cost media processors as shown by Amlogic 2020 roadmap below.

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We should expect at least three new AV1 capable processors in 2020.

Amlogic S905X4


  • CPU – Quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 processor
  • GPU Arm Mali-G31MP2
  • Video
    • 4Kp75 H.265, VP9, AVS2
    • 4Kp120 AV1
    • HDR support
  • Smart Audio
    • Voice Activity Detector (VAD)
    • Asynchronous Sample Rate conversion (ASRC)
    • Equalizer (EQ)
    • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC)
    • 2x DSP for audio front end (AFE) and wake word engine (WWE)

Amlogic S905X4 looks like an update to Amlogic S905X3  with AV1 codec support, and maybe extra audio features.

Amlogic S908X

We’ve previously seen Rockchip RK3588 with Cortex-A76 / A55 cores, 8K video output and decoding support, as well as 4K encoding, is coming in 2020. Amlogic S908X should compete directly with the Rockchip, as will we only know it will be equipped with “next-generation CPU & GPU” it will support 8Kp60 AV1 and AVS 3.0 Chinese video codec decoding, and 8Kp60 video output via HDMI 2.1 video interface. The processor will also support 64-bit DDR RAM.

Amlogic S805X2

We have pretty limited information about this part, as it will feature next-generation CPU and GPU cores as well as a Full HD AV1 video decoder. That should be the cheaper option to get an AV1 capable TV box or board, but you won’t get 4K, only up to 1080p.

Thanks to Anonymous for the tip.



Amlogic S805X2

This SoC is a successor to S805X, focuses on ultra-low power consumption and ultra-high cost performance, with Full HD video output at 60fps. This new S805X2 seems to also incorporate native decoding for the AV1 codec. It also supports operator-level security and is a perfect choice for 2K OTT/IPTV STB, TV dongle。

Amlogic S908X

This is the most powerful SoC of those announced is the S908X, predictably equipped with the latest CPU + GPU cores, support for 8K@60fps resolutions and 64-bit RAM. In addition to native decoding of AV1 codecs that improves the efficiency of HEVC and VP9 codecs by 25% to 40% and also support for AVS 3.0 that will be extended in the Chinese market.

Amlogic S905X4

The S905X4 is the evolution of the Amlogic S905X3 that maintain the basic structure of the S905X3 with 4 ARM Cortex-A55 processors and an Arm Mali-G31MP2 GPU although with improvements in video playback with AV1 decoding and audio with the inclusion of two DSPs, they also have audio support AFE audio front-end and also WWE wake word engine, which indicates that it can be targeted to voice assistants.



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